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Zheng Ki (Jackie) Yip

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Science
Zheng Ki (Jackie) Yip
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Science
Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory (AERL building) 4th floor, 2202 Main Mall
Thesis: Development of coastal flood impact scenarios for adaptation to sea-level rise under deep uncertainties: a spatially explicit approach to scenario discovery
Degrees: BSc., Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Cape Town (2006), BSc. Atmospheric Sciences Honours, University of Cape Town (2007), MSc., Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill University (2010)
Supervisor: Stephanie Chang
Committee Members:
  • Karen Bartlett (SPPH)
  • Tim McDaniels (SCARP)


Jackie's research interest lies in the intersection of climate science, disaster risk management and decision-making. Her background is in Meteorology and Environmental Sciences. While her previous research focused on the physical aspects of natural hazards, now her PhD research focuses on developing an analytical approach to generate robust spatial flood impact scenarios to suppot robust decision-making fo sea-level rise adaptation at coastal cities. In collaboration with the City of Vancouver's Sustainability Department, her research will contribute directly to the City's adapation planning process. 

Work Experience

  • UBC Disaster Risk Reduction Lab (SCARP) - Graduate Research Assistant - 2013-present
  • United Nations University - Institute for Water, Environment and Health - Project Assistant - 2012-2013
  • McGill Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences - Graduate Research Assistant - 2010-2011
  • Climate System Analysis Group, University of Cape Town - Teaching and Research Assistant - 2007-2008


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  • Chang, S.E., Yip, J.Z.K., Chaster, R., Conger, T., Carter, C., and Marteleira, M. (2014) "Using Vulnerability Indicators to Develop Resilience Networks in the Strait of Georgia: A Similarity Approach". Poster presentation at Mobilizing Science Knowledge & Research in the 21st Century: An NCE Sharing of Best Practices Symposium (Halifax)
  • Yip, Z.K. and M.K., Yau. (2012) "Application of artificial neural networks on North Atlantic tropical cyclogenesis potential index in climate change". Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Technology. 29 (9), p. 1202. 
  • Yip Z.K. (2012) "Health risks associated with flooding and climate change in Canada". Public Health agency of Canada. Available at http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/hp-ps/eph-esp/fs-fi-d-eng.php
  • Yip, J*, Bielak, A.T., Shaxson, L.S. and Asif, F. “K* in water management - optimizing knowledge flow between water research, policy and practices”. Poster presentation at the 2013 Canadian Water Network Conference – Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the Water Paradigm (Ottawa)
  • Yip Z.K. Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Congress 2010 (Ottawa, Canada). “Tropical Cyclogenesis Potential in Climate Change: An Application of Artificial Neural Networks”. 
  • Yip Z.K., and M.K. Yau. (2010) “Tropical Cyclogenesis Potential in Climate Change: An Application of Artificial Neural Networks”. American Meteorological Society (AMS) 29th Tropical Meteorology Conference (Tucson Arizona USA)
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