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Elizabeth Tilley
Bridge Masters Fellow 2004 - 2006

Elizabeth Tilley defended her Masters of Applied Science in Civil Engineering in September 2006. Following her time at UBC, she worked at at Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, www.eawag.ch) for 9 years where she researched appropriate sanitation technologies for use in developing countries. She graduated with a PhD in Development Economics from the ETH Zurich after doing much of her field work in Durban, South Africa. Currently, she is a senior lecturer at the University of Malawi in Blantyre where she continues to teach and research ways to improve methods and technologies to provide safe and affordable water and sanitation for all.

Catherine Trask
Bridge Doctoral Fellow 2003-2008

Catherine completed her dissertation in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene in the spring of 2008. She did her internship at the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare, and post doctoral work at the Swedish Centre for Musculoskeletal Research. Catherine is now an Assistant Professor at the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. She holds an Adjunct Faculty appointment with the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.

Jason Vanderzwaag
Bridge Masters Fellow 2005 - 2008

Jason is currently employed at Associated Engineering, where he works as a Civil Engineer in the Infrastructure Group, with a focus on projects for First Nations communities. These projects include community drinking water supply systems and community drainage improvements to mitigate residential mould problems. In an effort to keep in shape while choosing an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, he has taken up cycling to work almost every day, a round trip of over 30km.

Linda Vrbova
Bridge Learner 2007-2008

Linda successfully completed her doctoral studies in March 2013. She is presently employed at the Public Health Agency Canada as a senior epidemiologist.


"I am very thankful for being able to take part in the Bridge program.  I have learned a lot about research and collaboration, through both the courses offered by the Bridge program, and the colleagues I have met in the program.  Since my research interests fall in between traditional disciplines and research themes, I was thankful to have found a temporary home in the Bridge program in my first year of graduate studies".

Glenys Webster
Bridge Doctoral Fellow 2004-2011

Glenys Webster is an environmental epidemiologist and exposure scientist who studies endocrine disrupting chemicals and child and maternal health. She is currently a CIHR postdoctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, examining the links between prenatal exposures to PFAS stain repellents and PBDE flame retardants and ADHD-related behaviour in school-aged children. For her PhD at the School of Population and Public Health, she created a new birth cohort called the Chemicals, Health and Pregnancy (CHirP) Study, funded with grants prepared during her tenure in the Bridge program. In addition to ongoing CHirP-related projects, she collaborates extensively with colleagues from across North America using data from the Cincinnati-based HOME Study and the Canada-wide MIREC Study. Glenys lives in Victoria BC with her young family, and makes cameo appearances on the viola in several professional early music ensembles around the Pacific Northwest.

Sonja Wilson
Bridge Masters Fellow 2010-2012

Sonja completed her Masters degree in Resource Management and Environmental Studies in October 2012. Her research focused on the feasibility, and benefits and risks of generating electricity from biomass in remote communities. Sonja now works as a consulting engineer at Kerr Wood Leidal, and her work is focused on the planning, design and construction of District Energy Systems

Meghan Winters
Bridge Masters Fellow 2004 - 2006

Dr. Meghan Winters is an epidemiologist interested in the link between health, transportation, and city design. She received her Ph.D. in 2011 from the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She completed a brief post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility at Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, studying on older adults' mobility and the built environment. Dr. Winters joined the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, as an Assistant Professor in July 2011.

Meimei Xu
Visiting International Research Student 2014-2015


Meimei is currently a research associate in the Institute of Medical Information at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. She visited at UBC from August 1st, 2014 to January 31st, 2015 and was supervised by Prof. Michael Brauer. During her time at UBC, she took two Bridge courses, through which she understood the teaching approach at UBC. She also had fun with the graduate students and staff. With the help of Dr. Brauer, she also learnt the research methods involved in her PhD project at the time and how to solve the research questions. Her supervisor also funded her for two international conferences where she presented her work conducted while at UBC. She found the staff and students at UBC were very friendly and helpful. She really enjoyed learning and staying at UBC.

Chung-Sik Yoon
Bridge Practitioner 2006 - 2007

Chungsik Yoon was a Bridge visiting practitioner during 2006-2007 from Korea. He is now an assistant professor of School of Public Health at Seoul National University of Korea. His research is focused on industrial hygiene (hazardous agents exposure assessment and control), indoor air quality. He will welcome any Bridge-related person who visits Korea (csyoon21c@yahoo.com).

"Sitting as a student/fellow, not as a mentor/professor, gave me chance to look back on my teaching methods and skills. I was refreshed and challenged through the multidisciplinary oriented approach and multi-talented folks in the Bridge Program. Thank you to all mentors and fellows for 2006-2007."

Yang Yu
Bridge Masters Fellow 2007 - 2010

Yang completed his M.A.Sc degree in Civil Engineering in May 2010. He held the position of business development manager for Tianjin Yuchan Environmental Technologies, China - a company specialized in waste water sludge treatment.  Yang now works as a research associate for a US NGO - Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP), whose main goal is to serve as the primary resource and voice for appliance, lighting and equipment energy efficiency worldwide. CLASP is funded by Climate Works Foundation.

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