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Theresa Satterfield

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Science

Name: Theresa Satterfield
Title: Professor of Culture, Risk and the Environment
Phone: (604) 822-2333
Email: terre.satterfield@ires.ubc.ca

Research Interests

  • Psychological anthropology
  • Environmental anthropology, identity and culture, new social movements
  • Sustainable development, perceived risk and environmental justice, environmental values

Current Research

  • Environmental values focusing on challenging the economists' defining hold on values as an expression of benefit-cost analyses 


Selected Publications

Satterfield, T. (2002). The anatomy of a conflict: Identity, knowledge,and emotion in old-growth forests. University of British Columbia Press.

Satterfield, T. and S. Slovic (contracted and under review) What's nature worth?Exploring expressions of environmental values. University of Utah Press.

Satterfield, T., Slovic, P., Gregory, R., Flynn, J., & Mertz, C. (2001). Risk lived, stigma experienced. In P. Slovic, J. Flynn, & H. Kunreuther(eds), Risk, Media, and Stigma. Earthscan Press Satterfield, T. (in press). The Stigma of a Technological Accident in an African American Community. In Revising Risk: Health Inequality and
Shifting Perceptions of Danger and Blame, Barbara Herr Harthorn and Laury Oaks, Editors. Greenwood Press.

Satterfield, T. (2002). A Primer on Values Research. In Assessing the Cultural Significance of Natural Heritage . Marta del a Torre and Randy Mason, editors. Los Angeles, CA: The Getty Conservation Institute.

Satterfield, T. (accepted with revisions) Discrimination, Vulnerability,and Justice in the Face of Risk. Risk Analysis.

Satterfield, T (under review) Numbness and Sensitivity in the Elicitation of Environmental Values. Environmental Values.

Roberts, M, and Satterfield, T (under review) Whakapapa as a Classificatory Construct of Maori and its Implications for Genetic Engineering. Journal of Pacific Studies.

Gregory, R., and Satterfield, T. (2002) Beyond Perception: The Experience of Risk and Stigma in Community Contexts. Risk Analysis, Volume 22 (2): 347-358.

Satterfield, T. (2001) In Search of Value Literacy: Suggestions for the Elicitation of Environmental Values. Environmental Values. Vol.10:331-359.

Satterfield, T. (2000). Risk, Remediation, and the Stigma of a Technological Accident in an African American Community. Human Ecology Review. Volume 7 (1): 1-11.

Satterfield, T., Slovic, P., & Gregory, R. (2000). Narrative Valuation in a Policy Judgment Context. Ecological Economics. 34(3):315-331.

Satterfield, T., Johnson, S., Neil, N.Slovic, P., and Schein,J. (2000) Perceived health risks among older American women. Women and Health 31(4), 21-40.

Finucane, M.L., Slovic, P., Mertz, C., Flynn, J., and Satterfield, T.(2000). Gender, race, and perceived risk:The "white male" effect. Health, Risk, and Society. 2: 159-172.

Satterfield, T., & Gregory, R. (1998). Reconciling environmental values and
pragmatic choices. Society and Natural Resources, 11(7),629-647.

Satterfield, T. (1997). "Voodoo science" and common sense. Journal of Anthropological Research, 53(4), 443-459.

Gregory, R., Flynn, J., Johnson, S., Satterfield, T., Slovic, P., & Wagner,
R. (1997). Decision pathway surveys: A tool for resource managers. Land Economics, 72(2), 240-254.

Satterfield, T., Roberts, M., and Henare, M.
Do Genetically Modified Organisms Threaten Cultural Integrity? Debates in New Zealand Maoridom about New Zealand's Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms. Intended for Science, Policy and Values.

Satterfield, T. and Levin, J. Public Science, Fugitive Values, and the Problem of Tradeoffs and Rocky Flats. Intended for Science, Policy and Values.

Roberts, M., Henare, M., and Satterfield,T. Genetic Modification and Indigenous Peoples: Perspectives from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Intended for American Ethnologist.

Satterfield, T. and Levin, J. (2002) Public Science, Fugitive Values, and
the Problem of Tradeoffs at Rocky Flats. Report for the Department of Energy's Office of Science, Low Dose Radiation Research Program.

Satterfield, T. and Slovic, P. (2000) Perceived Health and Ecological Risks in the North West Region of Western Australia. Norhealth 2000,Health Department of Western Australia, Office of Aboriginal Health.

Gregory, R., and Satterfield, T. (1999) Southern Interior Extension and Research Partnership Client Survey. Ministry of Forests Research Program, Crown Publications, Victoria , B.C.

Satterfield, T., Slovic, P., and Flynn, J. (1996) Psychological and social impacts associated with contamination from the Woolfolk chemical works plant in Fort Valley, GA. (Report No. 96-12). Eugene, OR: Decision.

Johnson, S., Satterfield, T., Flynn, J., Gregory, R., Mertz, C. K.,Wagner,R., & Slovic, P. (1995). Vegetation management in Ontario's forests:Public and professional perspectives. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: Ontario Forest Research Institute, Ministry of National Resources.
(The Queen's Printer-SD14.O5V43 1995)

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