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Ray Copes

Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine

Name: Ray Copes
Title: Clinical Professor
Degrees: MD CM (McGill), MSc (McGill), DIH (Toronto)
Phone: (604) 660-1409
Fax: (604) 822-4994
Email: ray.copes@oahpp.ca

Research Interests

  • Exposure assessment
  • Risk assessment methods
  • Physical Environment -Human Health Risks, Assessment, Management and Communication


Selected Publications 

Kennedy SM, Copes R, Bartlett K, Brauer M. Point-of-sale bottle recycling: indoor airborne exposures and respiratory symptoms among employees. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2004; 61(7) 628-635.

Bigham M, Copes R. Thimerosal in vaccines: Balancing the risk of adverse effects with the risk of vaccine-preventable disease. Drug Safety 2005; 28(2) 1-13. 

Ong CS, Li AS, Priest JW, Copes R, Khan M, Fyfe MW, Marion SA, Roberts JM, Lammie PJ, Isaac-Renton JL. Enzyme immunoassay of Cryptosporidium-specific immunoglobulin G antibodies to assess longitudinal infection trends in six communities in British Columbia. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2005;73(2):288-95. 

Moore D, Gamage B, Bryce E, Copes R, Yassi AY. Protecting health care workers for SARS and other respiratory pathogens: Organizational and individual factors that affect adherence to infection control guidelines. American Journal of Infection Control 2005; 33(2): 88-96. 

Gamage B, Moore D, Copes R, Yassi A, Bryce E. Protecting health care workers from SARS and other respiratory pathogens: A review of the infection control literature. American Journal of Infection Control 2005; 33(2): 114-121.

Moore D, Copes R, Fisk R, Joy R, Chan K, Brauer M. Population health effects of air quality changes due to forest fires in British Columbia in 2003: estimates from physician-visit billing data. Can J Public Health 2006; 97(2): 105-8. 

Copes R. What physicians can do to prevent illnesses related to drinking water. Can Med Assoc J 2006; 175: 1057. 

Yassi A, Lockhart K, Copes R, Kerr M, Corbiere M, Bryce EA and members of the SARS study team. Determinants of Healthcare Workers’ Compliance with Infection Control Procedures. Healthcare Quarterly 2007; 10(1):44-52. 

Brodkin E, Copes R, Mattman A, Kennedy J, Kling R, Yassi A. Lead and mercury toxicity: Investigating patients’ concerns. Can Med Assoc J 2007; 176: 59-63. 

Clark NA, Teschke K, Rideout K, Copes R. Trace elements in adults from British Columbia, Canada and associations with age, gender, diet, activities and levels of trace elements. Chemosphere Accepted for publication November 2006. 

Astrakianakis, G, Svirchev L, Jannsen R, Copes R, Bryce E, Yassi A. Reply to Safety of Qualititative Fit-Testing, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2005 Dec 47(12): 1208. 

Dods P, Copes R. Wood smoke, forest fires, and PM2.5 in British Columbia BC Med Journal 2005 April; 47(3):132-133. 

Copes R. Dods P. Clandestine drug laboratories – Public and environmental health aspects. BC Med Journal 2006 June; 48(5): 213. 

Copes R, Rideout K. Biomedical Waste Management in Saskatchewan: Effectiveness and Comparison with Other Jurisdictions. Report for the Saskatchewan Department of Health, 2003.

Bartlett K, Lee KS, Stephens G, Black W, Brauer M, Copes R. Evaluating Indoor Air Quality: Test standards for bioaerosols. Report 99FS-64, July 2003.

Kennedy SM, Copes R, Brauer M, Na S, Karlen B, Leung V. Bioaerosols, Airborne Particulate Matter and Symptoms at BC Liquor Distribution Branch Stores. Centre for Health and Environment Research. 2003. 

Yassi A, Bryce E, Moore D, Janssen R, Copes R, Bartlett K, Fitzgerald M, Gilbert M, Bigelow P, Danyluk Q, Gamage B, Hon C, Perry T, Saunders S, Svirchev L, Thiessen R. Protecting the Faces of Health Care

Workers: Knowledge gaps and research priorities for effective protection against occupationally-acquired respiratory infectious diseases. Occupational Health and Safety Agency for the Healthcare Sector. Report to the Change Foundation April 30, 2004.

Chociolko C, Copes R, Rekart J. Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities Assessment for the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, September 2006.

Rekart J, Copes R. Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Indoor and Outdoor Public Places, report for the Provincial Health Services Authority, June, 2006. 



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