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Kiyoung Lee

Department of Environmental Health, Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University

Name: Kiyoung Lee
Title: Professor
Degrees: BSc (1986) Seoul National University, MPH (1988) Seoul National University, MSc (1990) University of Michigan, ScD (1993) Harvard University
Phone: 02-740-8881
Fax: 02-745-9104
Email: cleanair@snu.ac.kr

Research Interests

  • Exposure assessment of air pollution
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Environmental epidemiology
  • Agricultural health and safety
  • Secondhand smoke exposure - smoke free law
  • Human activity monitoring

Current Research

  • Development of indoor exposure standard of volatile organic compounds
  • Environmental health center for congenital malformation
  • Development of microenvironmental model for Korean population
  • Environmental exposure and health on the elderly population


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Lee, K., Hahn, E.J. Riker, C., Head, S. and Seithers, P. (2007) “Immediate Impact of Smoke-free Law on Indoor Air Pollution” Southern Medical Journal, 100(9):885-889. 

Liu, Y., Lee, K., Perez-Padilla, R., Hudson, N.L. and Mannino, D.M. (2008) “Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution and COPD related Diseases in Developed and Developing Countries” International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 12(2): 115-127. 

Travers, M.J. and Lee, K.(2008) “Particulate Air Pollution in Irish Pubs Grossly Underestimated” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 177: 236-237. 

Lee, K., Hahn E.J Okoli, C.T.C., Peiper, N., Repace, J.L. and. Troutman A. (2008) “Different Impact of Smoke-free Laws on Indoor Air Quality” Journal of Environmental Health, 70 (4): 24-32. 

Siddiqui, A.R., Bhutta, Z, Brown, K.H., Lee, K. and Gold, E.B. (2008) “Prenatal Exposure to Wood Fuel Smoke and Low Birth Weight”, Environmental Health Perspectives, 116(4): 543-549. 

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