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John Robinson

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Science

Name: John Robinson
Degrees: PhD (1981) U of Toronto, M.E.S (1977) York University, BA (1975) U of Toronto
Office: AERL 447
Phone: (604) 822-9188
Email: john.robinson@ubc.ca

Research Interests

  • sustainable urban systems
  • sustainable energy systems
  • participatory integrated assessment
  • business and sustainability
  • futures studies, simulation and scenario analysis
  • science-policy studies and social studies of science
  • history and philosophy of environmental thought
  • interdisciplinarity

Current Research

  • CIRCUITS - Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research on Communities Using Information Technology for Sustainability
  • AMSD - Integrating adaptation, mitigation and sustainability in climate change research and practice
  • CIRS - Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

Bridge Grad Students


Selected Publications

1. Books and Monographs

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2. Book Articles
Robinson, J. and A. Mendis, “Opportunity or Illusion: The Vexed Promise of Industrial Ecology”, in R. Coté, J. Tansey and A. Dale eds. Linking Industry and Ecology: A Question of Design. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2006.

Nakicenovic, N. McGlade, J., Ma, S. Alcamo, J. Bennett, E., Cramer, W., Robinson, J., Toth, F., Zurek, M., 2005, “Lessons Learned for Scenario Analysis”, Chapter 13 in Carpenter, S., Pingali, P., Bennett, E. and Zurek, M. eds. Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Volume 2 – Scenarios, Findings of the Scenarios Working Group, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Washington: Island Press, 2005).

Robinson, J. and J. Tansey, “The Georgia Basin Futures Project (GBFP)”, in Carl Mitcham, ed. Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics, Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005

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Robinson, J., “Quelques commentaries sur le couts de l’observance du protocole de Kyoto” in H. Le Treut, J-P van Ypersele, S. Hallegatte and J-C Hourcade, eds. Science du changement climatique – Acqui et controverses, Paris: Iddri, 2004.

Rothman, D., Robinson, J. & Biggs, D., "Signs of Life: Linking Indicators and Models in the Context of QUEST" Hussein Abaza and Andrea Baranzini (eds.), Implementing Sustainable Development - Integrated Assessment and Participatory Decision-Making Processes. Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar, 2003, Chapter 8.

Robinson, J., “Changing the World: The Subversive Appeal of Sustainability Research” in J. Downey, ed. Innovation: Essays by Leading Canadian Researchers. Toronto: Canada Foundation for Innovation and Key Porter Books, 2002.

Robinson, J, “Squaring the Circle? On the Very Idea of Sustainable Development”, in W. Chesworth, M. Moss and V. Thomas, eds. Sustainable Development: Mandate or Mantra? The Kenneth Hammond Lectures on Environment, Energy and Resources - 2001 Series, Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada, 2002.

3. Refereed Journal Papers

Winkler, H., K. Baumert, O. Blanchard, S. Burch, and J. Robinson, “What factors influence mitigative capacity?” Energy Policy 35 (2007) 692–703.

Roberts, K. and J. Robinson, “Characterization and sustainability assessment of Canada’s Hydrogen Highway”, International Journal of Energy Research, 31 (2007) 329–345.

Robinson, J., J. Carmichael, R. VanWynsberghe, J. Tansey, M. Journeay, and L. Rogers, 2006, “Sustainability as a Problem of Design: Interactive Science in the Georgia Basin”, Special issue on Interactive Sustainability, The Integrated Assessment Journal, 6(4) (2006) 165–192.

Robinson, J. and J. Tansey, “Co-Production, emergent properties and strong interactive social research: The Georgia Basin Futures Project”, Science and Public Policy, 33(2) (2006) 151-160.

Robinson, J., M. Bradley, P. Busby, D. Connor, A. Murray, B. Sampson and W. Soper, “Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Realizing the Opportunity”, Ambio 35(1) Feb, (2006) 2-9.

Moore, J., Pagani, F., Quayle, M., Robinson, J., Sawada, B., Spiegelman, G., VanWynsberghe, R. "Recreating the university from within: Collaborative reflections on the University of British Columbia's engagement with sustainability." International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 6(1) (2005) 65-80.

Shaw, A. and J. Robinson, “Relevant but not Prescriptive: Science Policy Models within the IPCC”, Philosophy Today 48(5/5) (2004) Supplement: Toward a Philosophy of Science Policy: Approaches and Issues, 84-95.
Swart, R.J., P. Raskin, J. Robinson, “The Problem of the Future: Sustainability Science and Scenario Analysis”, Global Environmental Change 14(2) (2004) 137-146; also selected for inclusion in Elsevier’s new electronic only “Virtual Journal of Environmental Sustainability”, see http://www1.elsevier.com/vj/sustainability.

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Tansey, J., Carmichael, J., VanWynsberghe, R., Robinson, J., “The Future is not What it Used to be: Participatory Integrated Assessment in the Georgia Basin”, Global Environmental Change, 12:2 (2002) 97-104.

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