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Jinhua Zhao

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science;
School of Community and Regional Planning, Faculty of Science

Name: Jinhua Zhao
Title: Adjunct Professor
Degrees: BSc, Tongji University. M.Sc. in Transportation & Master of City Planning, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office: CEME - Room 2007; WMA - Room 225

Research Interests

  • Urban transportation planning
  • Transportation economics and policy
  • Urban development and planning in China
  • Information technology and public transportation

Current Research

  • Environmental Attitudes and Travel Behavior of the Youth: To what extent the Youth's environmental attitude influence or is influenced by their travel behavior? How does high school education contribute to such attitude and behavior?
  • Bidding to Drive Car License Auction Policy in Shanghai and its Public Acceptance: $7,000 to get a car license? Evaluate the effectiveness, equity, affordability and public acceptance of the car ownership control policy in Shanghai
  • Gendered Perception of Driving Cessation by Seniors: to examine seniors' perceptions that may hinder driving cessation, and to assess how such perceptions are influenced by one's gender
  • A 2 Billion Yuan Promise? High Speed Rail and Commuting Patterns in China: Will HSR result in a substantial rise of inter-city commuters? How does HSR contribute to urban agglomeration and productivity improvement? How will HSR impact the urban system in a region?
  • UBC's Map of Knowledge A university builds upon its scholars but sparkles with the interactions among them. This research aims to survey the intellectual interactions at UBC, characterize their extensity and intensity, and plot UBC's Map of Knowledge
  • Reviving Biking in Beijing Neighbourhoods Beijing's bike share dropped from 62% to 20% from 1986 to 2009. This 40-percentage points reduction fundamentally changes Beijing’s transportation away from a largely sustainable system. The dramatic decline in the “Kingdom of Bicycle” contrasts to and almost derides the effort of developing sustainable transportation system in Chinese cities. What happened? And what can we do?
  • Analyzing Passenger Incidence Behavior in Heterogeneous Transit Services Using Smartcard Data and Schedule-Based Assignment: to develop a method to estimate incidence headway and waiting time by integrating disaggregate smartcard data with published timetables using schedule-based assignment.
  • Modeling Customer Loyalty in the Context of Public Transit: Transit agencies, much like other service industries, have a constant churn of their customer base. To develop a strategy to identify the key drivers of loyalty to transit agencies including problem experience, service quality, service value, perceptions of the agency, and customer satisfaction, and to examine the differences between captive and choice riders.


Please see Department's Personal Webpage for a list of publications

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