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Our sponsor, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, will no longer be funding our program effective April 1, 2015. Our program will therefore be winding down as a result of which we shall not be accepting students in the future.

I want to do my graduate degree in the Bridge Program. How do I apply?

The Bridge Program is a scholarship-funding program, not a degree-granting program. Its academic requirements sit as a superstructure over existing masters and doctoral programs in 8 participating units in UBC's Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Applied Science, or College for Interdisciplinary Studies. Admitted MSc and PhD students must comply with the academic policies and procedures of their underlying degree program, and with the requirements of the Bridge Program.

See OVERVIEW > Academic Units for more information on each participating unit, and OVERVIEW > Program Intro and Requirements for the Bridge academic requirements.You must apply to the Bridge Program and to the academic unit separately.

Do I need to be accepted to a UBC graduate degree program before I apply to the Bridge Program?

No, you do not need to be already accepted to a graduate degree program before you apply to the Bridge Program. Normally, you would apply at the same time to both the Bridge Program and to a graduate program associated with one of the 8 participating academic units (note that they may have somewhat different deadlines). Before you are formally accepted to the Bridge Program, we will confirm with your academic unit that you have indeed been accepted into their degree-granting program.

I already have a graduate scholarship, but would like to be in the Bridge Program. Is that possible?

Yes, you are welcome to apply to the Bridge Program. If you are admitted, you will receive the full Bridge first year fellowship. If you are also receiving scholarship funding from another agency, we will offer you several options for scheduling payment of your first year Bridge stipend, to allow you the opportunity to plan your finances over the duration of your graduate program.

Can I begin the Bridge Program in January?

The Bridge Program does not accept Masters students who start in January. Doctoral students starting their graduate studies in January will be considered for admission to the Bridge Program in exceptional circumstances. They should still apply to the Bridge Program for the March 1 deadline, and if admitted, would start Bridge courses the following September.

Can I be in the Bridge Program if I am a part-time student?

No, as for most scholarships and fellowships, only full-time graduate students are eligible to be Bridge fellows.

I have already begun graduate studies at UBC. May I join the Bridge Program?

In most cases the answer is no. The Bridge Program is designed so that students begin to fulfill its academic requirements at the same time that they start their degree programs. An exception would be doctoral students who begin their studies in January, as described above.

Are international students eligible for the Bridge Program fellowships?

Yes, international students, landed immigrants, and Canadian citizens are all eligible.

The Bridge Program sounds like a lot of work. Is it?

Yes, the Bridge Program has academic requirements on top of your graduate degree program requirements. In academic units where the graduate course load is already high, the additional course work may seem particularly heavy. This means that admitted students must consider whether they can handle the extra load, and if they choose to join the Program, carefully plan the distribution of their courses. It is also the reason that we endeavour to admit only the strongest students.

I am interested in the Bridge Program but have been admitted to a degree program in an academic unit that is not part of the Bridge Program. Can I become a Bridge fellow?

The short answer is no. However, we are willing to consider applications from other academic units at UBC to join the Bridge Program. If your unit makes such a proposal and it is accepted before you begin your graduate program, we can then consider your application.

May I take Bridge courses even if I am not a Bridge fellow?

Yes, that is a possibility. Please contact the course instructor or come to a class and discuss your potential participation then.

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